Catholic Worship Site Inventory

CARA has been commissioned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to update its database of Catholic worship sites in the United States, from cathedrals to parishes to chapels. All of 19,900+ of them. This survey asks each site to briefly provide information about the local community with a focus on pastoral care of "people on the move." To go to the survey click "View" below.

International Sisters in the United States

A Catholic sister who is in the United States but born in another country is not an anomaly. You can count her among more than 4,000 “international sisters” who are currently in the United States for formation, studies or ministry. She and other international sisters, who come from at least 83 countries spread over six continents, embody the global nature and reach of women’s religious life. Full report...

New CARA Parish Book Out Now

In addition to CARA's research for clients, the center's researchers have been releasing about a book a year. Catholic Parishes of the 21st Century is out in January 2017. CARA researchers are currently working on other books about the American bishops, religion and science, international sisters, Catholicism and politics, and the American Catholic laity.

Emerging U.S. Communities of Consecrated Life

What is the future of consecrated life in the United States? What will religious institutes and societies of apostolic life look like? What new lay movements and associations of the faithful are emerging? Hints of the answers to these and other questions can be found in CARA’s latest directory of new and emerging communities of consecrated life and lay movements in the U.S. since 1965.

Ministry Formation Directory 2017

CARA is pleased to offer the Catholic Ministry Formation Directory 2017 (available in May). This volume is an indispensable reference for seminary, diaconate, and lay ministry formation programs, vocation offices, career counselors, parishes, and others. The 2017 Directory contains an analysis of participants in Catholic ministry formation programs as well as a complete listing of the more than 550 programs sponsored by the Church. A statistical overview of ministry formation enrollments is also provided.

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CARA Researcher Mark Gray won 1st Place in the Catholic Press Association Awards for Best In-Depth News/Special Reporting for a National Newspaper or Wire Service for his story "Young people are leaving the faith: Here's why" in OSV Newsweekly.

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